This Way Lyrics

You are the ocean, calm, raging, and blue

Isn’t that what you told me, when I met you

Will we always see each other this way?

Oh darling, never go away

You are the sunrise, that fills up my sky

I couldn’t leave you, hard as I try

Will we always see each other this way?

You are my evening, you are my day

When your harmonies shaky, lyrics weak at best

When your melody’s wavering and heart’s put to the test,

I will always remember you, this way

Oh darling I’d never go away

When all you know’s hazy, and light’s hard to find

I’ll hold your hand dear, walk you through the night

I will always remember you this way,

Still my evening, still my day

When color’s start greying, and memory’s fading

When music is all that you know

 I’ll hold your hand tightly still remind you

 I’ll never let you go

I’ll never let you go

Music and Lyrics Copyrighted: Bobby & the Washers

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